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During conversations, we will work on a strategy for your business. The strategy is vital to your business because it allows you to see the direction your business is growing, as well as, tracking progress and work out different ways to reach the target. Leave all the hard work to us involving market research. Market research helps to maximise productivity involving no risk as only the trends that work will be looked at. Market research allows us to find out the customer’ needs, wants and frustrations. From this information, we can look at how to satisfy their needs via effective promotional content. Market research allows us to spot trends, this is an advantage to your business as we can make use of the opportunities created by current marketing trends. Having a consistent brand image that runs throughout all the promotional content build trust and a connection between your business and customers. We can put this in place and progress it further to help your business to continue growing.


After conducting all the market research and working on strategy, we’ll plan the most effective campaigns that we can take forward. Creating campaigns with many touchpoints will grab someone’s attention better than a single advertisement. For example, we can create a series of videos contributing to a specific goal to sell a service or product. Campaigns help keep in contact with current clients or finding new leads.


“The biggest thing I can tell you is that you have to make as much content as possible”

– Gary Vaynerchuk – Advice on how businesses can grow.

Before anything else, we are content creators. During this current stage of the process, we know what content we will have to make for the campaigns to have the best effectiveness in satisfying your customers’ needs resulting in a spike of growth for your business. Whether it’s videos, photos or promotional messages, we will 1.create 2.create and 3.create. You get the message hahaha, we are creators and will work on providing your business with the best and most effective content to continue growing further. We are the specialists however why don’t you decide that for yourself and view our work?

Social Media

Social media is a very powerful tool that all of us use daily. Using social media effectively, enables your business to become easily discovered to all the correct target market, which can generate more customers. Engaging with your customers allows to further build trust. Your customers’ needs will become satisfied via the use of engagement therefore they’re much more likely to convert to become regular customers. Using all the promotional content, we will complete Ad campaigns to reach all the correct target market identified for your business during the market research stage of our process. The content needs to reach the correct people as it will increase in the number of converting customers. We will target the perfect customer base allowing the selected campaigns to boom.


Influencer marketing takes the idea of celebrity endorsement and implements it into a modern-day content-driven marketing campaign. However, influencers are not always celebrities. Influencers are people who help to affect purchasing decisions because of their interests and behaviours. Influencers also engage in a specific niche. Influencers will help to expand your businesses audience. We will choose the correct influencers to further push the content to gain more results increasing in the growth and further development of your business.


Within the results, we will analyse the full process and implement miniature changes for the next month to continue growing.  


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