Tik Tok on Instagram?

Tik Tok? On Instagram? Yeah! you heard that right.

Introducing Instagram ‘Reels’ 

Users will get the ability to create 15-second videos straight from Instagram.

The features included will be to:

  • Choose, borrow or record your own audio
  • option to adjust video speed
  • Apply AR filters

To then add it to a dedicated Reels tab.

Imagine the power brands will have to be able to use short-form content via Instagram to then attract users’ attention to their Instagram pages. 

Just picture you’re a restaurant and you make a mini reel video that gets thousands of views within a certain geographic area.

Now them people within a certain radius of your restaurant can become potential customers from finding that short video yummy.

How can they become customers? Because after enjoying the video they click on your page and find out your local to them…

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