Say Hello to Google Web Stories

There is a common theme growing within vertical stories starting from snapchat to then Instagram, TikTok and now even Youtube. Stories is the current short form content trend. as Instagram has also introduced “reels” here is Google’s Answer.

Mian Visuals introduces you to Google Web Stories

What is It?

Google Web stories is WordPress plugin that can be used to make online stories with NO COMPETITION as it’s the first to reach the search engine market.

You get the option to use between a minimum of 5 slides to around 30.

How it helps?

You can make your website and content more user friendly as you have a new method to showcase your content. If you can make use of it you will have a huge source of traffic with low competition so make sure to get started.

Take a look at our first ever Web Story:

So what do you make of that? does it sound too good to be true? Are Google just trying to repurpose your content and embed it elsewhere?

Maybe… However you can just delete the post right? or you can promote people using your content further expanding upon your brand awareness.


you are a graphic designer and someone views your web story either via a Google search or through your website. They like your work and click on your website for more information…

Ok that’s enough talking! how can you get web stories?

For now just a beta is available via wordpress although it will fully release later this summer as stated by google themselves.

Get the plugin here: https://google.github.io/web-stories-wp/beta/

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